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PMD IgnitionOne adds analytics enhancements to digital marketing suite


IgnitionOne, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, announced recently an update to the company’s digital marketing suite, adding deeper analytics capabilities.

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Published:  30 July 2014 в 20:52

Facebook Gifts shop to shutter Aug. 12


This holiday season, Facebook (may) not prompt you to shop in its gift store for loved ones. Facebook is ending its Gifts program, which allows people to buy physical presents and digital gift cards for friends, on Aug. 12.

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Published:  30 July 2014 в 19:11

How to navigate the Facebook ad campaign maze: Part II


In part I of our series on strategies for navigating the Facebook ad campaign maze, we looked at how marketers can successfully launch and manage their Facebook campaigns. Today’s post examines the best ways to get the most out of your Facebook ad creative.

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Published:  30 July 2014 в 16:12

Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts To Focus On Its Buy Button And Commerce Platform

Published:  30 July 2014 в 01:00

Instagram launches Bolt in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa


The newest app from Facebook/Instagram — leaked last week — Bolt, is official. The company announced Tuesday that Instagram Bolt has been launched for iOS and Android users in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Bolt is a way for people to quickly share images via one-on-one messaging, somewhat similar to the most recent app Facebook launched, Slingshot.

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Published:  29 July 2014 в 23:12

Instagram Launches One-Touch Photo And Video Messaging App Bolt Outside The US

Published:  29 July 2014 в 22:30

Optimize your Facebook advertising performance with the right bidding


Facebook is running one of the largest auctions on the Internet and it enables anyone to buy advertising space on Facebook through the online auction. However, the auction doesn’t work like a traditional one: the highest bid is not always enough to win it. A well-performing ad – e.g. high click-through rate and positive ad engagement – with a combination of high enough bid will allow you to win the auction and get your ad shown on Facebook.

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Published:  29 July 2014 в 20:38

Study: How can retargeting supercharge a Facebook ad campaign?


More advertisers are discovering Facebook’s complex ad models, such as retargeting via Facebook Exchange and Website Custom Audiences. How effective can these techniques be? A new study by AdRoll, a Facebook Exchange partner, showed that by using both FBX and Website Custom Audiences, the CPM of News Feed ad impressions on mobile was 57 percent lower than desktop, generating a 10 percent higher click-through rate. It led to a 61 percent lower cost-per-click for News Feed ads on mobile compared to desktop.

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Published:  29 July 2014 в 17:39

Slingshot Users Eyed for Panel

SlingshotTeam650Facebook is looking for users of its new Slingshot photo- and video-sharing application to join a panel and take part in a three-month study.

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Published:  29 July 2014 в 02:51

Facebook Pulling Messages from iOS, Android Apps in Favor of Messenger

WereMovingMessages650Facebook users who want to send and receive messages via their iOS and Android devices will soon only be able to do so via the social network’s Messenger applications, as messaging will be removed from its flagship applications for both operating systems, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch.

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Published:  29 July 2014 в 02:03