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Google rejoins Facebook Exchange


Google has decided to rejoin Facebook Exchange, the company announced in a blog post Friday. Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager will become part of the FBX network, allowing its ad partners to deliver retargeted ads on the social network based on web browsing history.

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Published:  18 October 2013 в 23:11

How can Facebook advertisers succeed in Q4 — the holiday season?


The most important time of the year is coming up for advertisers — the fourth quarter. It’s the holiday season, when many advertisers make their big push to consumers. For Facebook, Q4 can be particularly lucrative if current performance indicators keep trending the way they have been.

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Published:  18 October 2013 в 21:15

Facebook merging Precise Interests & Broad Categories in Power Editor


Some Power Editor users are being notified Facebook’s latest ad simplification change, merging Precise Interests and Broad Categories. Andrea Warner of SEO Braintrust saw a prompt when she opened Power Editor recently, informing her that Precise Interests and Broad Categories would be brought together under the umbrella of “Simplified Interests Targeting.”

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Published:  18 October 2013 в 13:00

Facebook’s ad share expected to grow to more than 15 percent


The increasing demand for mobile devices coupled with Facebook’s focus on mobile monetization is resulting in some dramatic gains for the company in the ad market.

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Published:  17 October 2013 в 21:17

Kenshoo: Facebook ad impressions, click volume, conversion rate up in Q3


Kenshoo, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, came out with some great news when they looked at their clients’ ad performance in Q3 versus Q2. Kenshoo discovered that ad impressions rose 13 percent, click volume went up by 14.4 percent, conversion rate rose 2.36x, revenue more than doubled and cost-per-click fell by 9 percent.

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Published:  17 October 2013 в 19:18

Facebook tests Follow and Review buttons on pages


Facebook appears to be testing some new buttons on pages, allowing users to follow a page (without liking) or review it with one click. The “Follow” button appears to work similar to the function for profiles, which would put page updates in News Feed, but not show up as a public like.

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Published:  17 October 2013 в 13:00

Default privacy settings for new teens’ Facebook accounts set at friends-only, adds public option

Delta NRP 1

Facebook announced Wednesday that it is changing up privacy settings for teens who join the site. For new teenagers, the default privacy setting for posts will be friends (for adult users, it will remain public at first). If users aged 13-17 so choose, they can elect to have their posts public, but the automatic setting is friends.

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Published:  16 October 2013 в 23:00

STUDY: Facebook ads increase impressions by 200 percent


A new report from Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer ShopIgniter found that paid media on Facebook increases viral and organic impressions by 200 percent — among a study of more than 2,000 Facebook News Feed posts from Q1 and Q2, 2013. That’s significant when you realize that Facebook’s ad performance is on par with the best performing digital channels, like Google.

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Published:  16 October 2013 в 20:21

Hacking Facebook ads using Google+ Circles


Too often, marketers get caught in the social network wars that users do, neglecting that while a certain social network may not be their favorite to use, there is definitely a marketing advantage to using it.

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Published:  16 October 2013 в 14:00

Facebook expands Custom Audiences, marketers can target users who visited site or used mobile app


Facebook on Tuesday announced a major update to Custom Audiences that would allow marketers to target ads to people who have visited the company’s website or used the mobile app.

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Published:  15 October 2013 в 21:54