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Gillmor Gang: Taming of the Stream

Published:  12 July 2014 в 19:00

Facebook Launches “Out-App Purchase” Ads

Published:  11 July 2014 в 01:11

How is Instagram evolving under Facebook’s umbrella?


As Instagram slowly starts to mix in some advertising, the major question for the photo-sharing app is how it will become a source of monetization for Facebook. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg might address the early effects of Instagram advertising in its Q2 earnings call on July 23, it’s worth noting that Instagram ads are still in their infancy.

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Published:  11 July 2014 в 01:08

New Facebook ad: In-app virtual goods purchases via News Feed


Facebook announced today a new way for app developers to prompt purchases of virtual goods right from the News Feed. Developers can create News Feed (or sidebar) ads that allow users to make a purchase of virtual goods from the desktop.

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Published:  10 July 2014 в 20:24

Socialbakers June U.S. report: response rate slipping on Facebook


Though T-Mobile is once again the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the U.S., overall response rate from brands dipped by 10 percent over the past month, according to a report by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers.

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Published:  10 July 2014 в 17:51

Nanigans Q2 report: Facebook ad CTR, costs growing


Facebook will announce its official Q2 numbers on July 23, but quarterly figures from Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Nanigans show that it’s getting increasingly costly to advertise on the social network.

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Published:  9 July 2014 в 21:58

STUDY: Facebook bouncing back in social logins, with help from anonymous login


After six straight quarters of falling behind in the social login sphere, Facebook has bounced back to take over the top spot.

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Published:  9 July 2014 в 19:18

A look into Facebook’s ‘Big Like Theory’

FB-LikeButton-online-1024 copy

In the TV show “The Big Bang Theory,” the humor and fun of the show comes from the relationships between the main characters as expressed by their geekiness. Geekiness often evidenced by their special and superior understanding of complex mathematical algorithms and science problems. As viewers we don’t always understand all of it, but we get that geeky commonality is what brings this group together and makes them tick.

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Published:  9 July 2014 в 18:13

Facebook Tests Android L-Style Lock Screen Notifications

Published:  9 July 2014 в 00:00

Facebook pushes for use of conversion pixel


Facebook’s conversion pixel is a key way for savvy advertisers to figure out how a Facebook ad can lead to a purchase.

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Published:  8 July 2014 в 20:40